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IPCCC 2017 December 10th-12th, San Diego, California, USA
Bahia Resort Hotel

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Keynote Speakers

Mario Gerla
Professor of Computer Science at UCLA

Autonomous vehicles and Communications:
trading off Performance with Security and Privac


As vehicles have evolved in the past decade, so have vehicular communications. The US Department of Transportation has supported V2V and V2I with two important campaigns – VII and Connected Vehicle, giving us DSRC. Recently, automakers have also explored the use of LTE and 5G. At the core of this interest is the central role played by communications in vehicular safety and in other emerging fields like advanced navigation and entertainment. These applications are critical to the success of the autonomous vehicle. They are driving the concepts of Internet of Vehicles and of Vehicular Cloud. This talk will review the use of V2V and V2I communications for safety applications, navigation and entertainment with focus on autonomous vehicles. It will then address the security and privacy risks introduced by vehicle communications, namely, the privacy violations associated with the uploading of vehicle data to Internet servers, and; the possible security attacks in the form of misleading traffic information disseminated by compromised cars. The talk will conclude with proposed solutions to protect vehicles from such attacks.


Dr. Mario Gerla is Professor of Computer Science at UCLA. He holds a Ph.D. degree from UCLA. At UCLA, as a graduate student, he was part of the team that developed the ARPANET models and protocols in the early ‘70s. After a period in Industry, he joined the UCLA Faculty in 1976. Since then, he has been involved in the design and evaluation of several network protocols such as clustering, multicast and TCP Westwood. As lead of the ONR MINUTEMAN project, he designed scalable airborne Internet concepts for tactical scenarios. His current interests include vehicular networks, mobile computing and privacy and security in mobile systems. Dr. Gerla is IEEE Fellow, serves on the IEEE TON Scientific Advisory Board and was recognized with the ACM Sigmobile Outstanding Contribution Award in 2015.

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