29th IEEE

International Performance Computing and Communications Conference

IPCCC 2010 - December 9th-11th 2010

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

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Manuscript Submission Checklist

The submission procedure applies to both conference and workshop papers (also Student Extended Abstracts).
  • The IEEE Copyright form is available as a PDF and more information at http://www.ieee.org/web/publications/rights/cfrmlink.html. Please send the signed form (only page 1 is required) via email to ieeeipccc@gmail.com or by fax to (512) 532-6471, attention Jack Chen.
  • Registration fee for your paper. Make checks payable to IPCCC 2010. This can be either done online or via mail.
  • Payment for extra page charges (if needed). Make checks payable to IPCCC 2010. The paper will not be included in the conference proceedings if its length exceeds the page limit. The extra page charges must be submitted with your camera-ready manuscript.
    1. Page Limits for Regular Conference/Workshop Papers: each regular paper may have up to 8 pages without extra charge, and may have up to four extra pages at $75 per extra page.
    2. Page Limits for Student Extended Abstracts: up to 2 pages.
  • To prepare the final version: Please make sure that you follow the IEEE requirements for creating PDF files for IEEE Xplore. Failing to do so may result in your paper not included in the conference proceedings. If you are using LaTeX to prepare your paper, check out Latex directions for submission of the final manuscript: INSTRUCTIONS zip file.
  • To upload your final version at IEEE PDF eXpress Plus. You can find more information on how to use IEEE PDF eXpress Plus at http://www.pdf-express.org/plus/frhelpnologin.asp.
    IEEE PDF eXpress Plus Access Info:
    URL: http://www.pdf-express.org/plus/
    Conference ID: ipccc10xp
    The site is open now until the submission deadline October 8, 2010.
    The final manuscript is due on October 8, 2010. Papers must be IEEE Xplore compliant.

    Poster Presentation

    Student Extended Abstracts are short presentations, either on new ideas or work in progress, or opinion pieces that can address any issue relevant to performance computing and communications. Because they are brief, Student Extended Abstracts enable their authors to:

  • Summarize work that is not yet complete
  • Put forward novel or challenging ideas
  • State positions on controversial issues
  • Suggest new approaches to the solution of open problems
  • Student Extended Abstracts are aimed at academics and practitioners, promoting a rich exchange of experiences. They are used to introduce new work or present radical opinions, and to receive early feedback from the community. Student Extended Abstracts submissions should include a brief description of the research, not to exceed two pages in PDF. Send Extended Abstracts to the Poster Chair, Dr. Song Fu, by September 30, 2010.

    Presentation Information

    Authors are required to present their papers at the conference in order for the paper to appear in the conference proceedings. We understand that there may be rare and unusual conditions that may prevent an author from presenting in person. Under such exceptional conditions, the TPC chairs may grant an exception and allow the presenter to present remotely instead of in person. Authors who are affected MUST contact the TPC chairs by TBD detailing their need to request such an exception.

    *** Please be notified that your paper may be excluded from being published and included in the IEEE Xplore and the CSDL should your paper fail to be presented at the conference ****

    Registration receipts and proceedings will be available (at the conference) only for papers that are presented -- unless prior exceptions are made by the organizing conference committee.

    Please note that due to limitations of presenting remotely, only a couple of exceptions may be granted for the conference. In the event that there are more exceptions than the conference can support, authors traveling internationally to attend the conference will be given higher preference.

    IEEE No Show Policy
    "IEEE policy states that it is up to the discretion of the Conference Committee to allow 'no shows' to be published in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library. IEEE Conference Organizers must notify authors prior to, or at time of submission, that their papers may be excluded from IEEE Xplore and the CSDL should they fail to appear at the conference."

    Authors should plan on 20-minute presentations. We will provide computer projectors for displaying PowerPoint or similar presentations. Authors must provide their own laptops for the presentations.

    Visa Information:

    The vice general chair will issue visa invitation letters to a person satisfying both of the following conditions:
    • Has a paper accepted by the main conference. (If you have a paper accepted by a workshop, please contact the workshop chair for visa invitation letters.)
    • Has registered for the conference and paid the registration fee.
    When you contact the vice general chair for a visa invitation letter, please make sure that you cc your email on the registration chair and ask the registration chair to verify that you have paid the registration fee. If you fail to do so, your request will be declined. Also please make sure that you include all necessary information (such as name, affiliation, mailing address, title and number of accepted paper) in your email to the vice general chair. If there is insufficient information for the visa invitation, your request may be declined.

    For questions, suggestions, or problems with the IPCCC website, please email the webmaster.
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