23rd IEEE

International Performance Computing and Communications Conference

IPCCC 2004 - April 15-17, 2004 - Phoenix, Arizona

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The International Performance, Computing, and Communications Conference (IPCCC) is the premier IEEE conference presenting research in the performance of computer and communication systems. For the last two decades, IPCCC has been a research forum for academic, industrial, and government researchers. The lively interactions among the researchers from these emerging new fields provide a stimulating environment rich with new ideas.

The conference will be held at Embassy Suites Phoenix North, Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Hotel information can be found here.

IPCCC 2004 Program:
The final program can be found here.

IPCCC 2004 Workshops:
A number of workshops will be held in conjunction with IPCCC2004. Details can be found here.

Optional Tour Information:
As in recent years, IPCCC has made arrangements with a local tour company to offer optional tours to five different areas, including the Grand Canyon and Sedona. Please click here for information about these tours.

Two additional tour locations are possible if at least eight people make reservations; please click here for more information.

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