27th IEEE

International Performance Computing and Communications Conference

IPCCC 2008 - December 7-9, 2008

Austin, Texas, USA

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General Chair
Taieb Znati
Univ. of Pittsburgh
email: znati@pitt.edu

National Science Foundatation
email: tznati@nsf.gov

General Vice Chair
Maggie Cheng
Missouri Univ. of Science and Technology
email: chengm@mst.edu

Program Chair
Youtao Zhang
Univ. of Pittsburgh
email: zhangyt@cs.pitt.edu

Workshop co-Chairs
Dharma Agrawal
Univ. of Cincinnati
email: dpa@cs.uc.edu

Bing Wang
Univ. of Connecticut
email: bing@engr.uconn.edu

Publications Chair
Sheng Zhong
SUNY Buffalo

Finance Chair
Nasr Ullah
Freescale Semiconductor
email: Nasr.Ullah@freescale.com

Registration Chairs
Jack Chen
Freescale Semiconductor
email: Jack.Chen@freescale.com
email: ieeeipccc@gmail.com
fax: (512) 532-6471

Web Chair
Neil Nelson
Freescale Semiconductor
email: Neil.Nelson@freescale.com

Program Committee:
Dharma Agrawal
University of Cincinnati
email: dpa@cs.uc.edu

Ahmed Amer
University of Pittsburgh
email: amer@cs.pitt.edu

Ying Cai
Iowa State University
email: yingcai@cs.iastate.edu

Byung Choi
Michigan Technological University
email: bkchoi@mtu.edu

Do Young Eun
North Carolina State University
email: dyeun@eos.ncsu.edu

Xubin He
Tennessee Technological University
email: hexb@tntech.edu

Soo-Young Lee
Auburn University
email: leesooy@eng.auburn.edu

Zongpeng Li
University of Calgary
email: zongpeng@cpsc.ucalgary.ca

Qun Li
College of William and Mary
email: liqun@cs.wm.edu

Donggang Liu
University of Texas at Arlington
email: dliu@uta.edu

Rakhesh Singh Kshetrimayum
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

S¨˘ndor Moln¨˘r
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
email: molnar@tmit.bme.hu

Hussein Mouftah
University of Ottawa
email: mouftah@site.uottawa.ca

Jogesh Muppala
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
email: muppala@cs.ust.hk

Mohammad S. Obaidat
Monmouth University
email: obaidat@monmouth.edu

Jehan-Francois Paris
University of Houston
email: paris@cs.uh.edu

Zhiguang Qin
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
email: dongyu@ece.concordia.ca

Golden Richard
University of New Orleans
email: golden@cs.uno.edu

Harish Sethu
Drexel University
email: sethu@ece.drexel.edu

Arun Somani
Iowa State University
email: arun@iastate.edu

Ram Srinivasan
New Mexico State University
email: ram@nmsu.edu

Suresh Subramaniam
The George Washington University
email: suresh@gwu.edu

Jian Tang
Montana State University
email: tang@cs.montana.edu

David Tipper
University of Pittsburgh
email: dtipper@mail.sis.pitt.edu

Subbarayan Venkatesan
University of Texas at Dallas
email: venky@utdallas.edu

Wenye Wang
North Carolina State University

Weichao Wang
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
email: weichaowang@uncc.edu

Bing Wang
University of Connecticut
email: bing@engr.uconn.edu

Kui Wu
University of Victoria
email: wkui@cs.uvic.ca

Yaling Yang
Virginia Tech
email: yyang8@vt.edu

Sheng Zhong
SUNY Buffalo
email: mailto:szhong@cse.buffalo.edu

Xiaobo Zhou
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
email: zbo@cs.uccs.edu

Hao Zhu
Florida International University
email: hao.zhu@fiu.edu

For further information
about IPCCC, please

General Chairs
Taieb Znati
Univ. of Pittsburgh, US NSF
Maggie Cheng
Missouri Univ. of Science and Technology

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