Keynote Speech

Tuesday, February 22, 2000
8:00 - 9:00 am

Title: The Embedded Internet

Speaker: Thomas R. Franz, Intel Corporation


With the rapid growth of the Internet, we are witnessing the emergence of high-performance, connected systems for a variety of dedicated computing applications. To successfully compete in the fast-changing environment of Internet computing, the challenge for developers is how to create innovative and highly differentiated products in less time, and at lower costs.

The growing requirements for new products include the demand for connectivity, the use of multiple operating systems and the growing demand for processing performance that is often comparable to that of PCs and servers. At the same time, products within the applied computing segments typically must support embedded product lifecycles, actually run multiple operating systems, and conform to restrictive power budgets.

Biography of the Speaker:

Tom Franz is a Vice President of the Computing Enhancement Group, and General Manager of the Applied Computing Products Division (ACPD) at Intel Corporation. Four business lines report to him including Embedded Intel Architecture (EIA), Bridges, StrongARM processors, and Classic components. These product lines focus on the Applied Computing market segment, which consists of connected, high performance, non-PC systems designed for dedicated applications.

Traits of applied computing applications are; connection via a corporate network, internet/intranet, wireless, or satellite; the ability to enhance business information systems; and software scalability and OEM re-programmability.

Franz joined Intel in 1980 as a product engineer working on the 2764 EPROM. He has held multiple positions within several divisions during his 19-year career. Most recently, he was General Manager of the Embedded Microcomputer Division and before that the Advanced Personal Communications Division.

Franz joined Intel as a graduate from Cornell University with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. He is a native of Pennsylvania and now resides resides in Arizona. He is actively involved in many community events and local fine art initiatives.